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We're never quite sure of the best balance of information for a website. We don't want to inundate anyone but, equally, where detailed information is relevant to one of a Product Series or a particular Series usage, we need to publish it. Rather than adding excess text to our site, and to avoid messy web page printouts at your end, we've put our original (generally A4) leaflets, Product Information Sheets, reports, wall-charts, etc., right here for you to print out as appropriate (mainly pdf files). They are listed below under General Items or under individual Product Series.

General Items

Price List and Order Form

Product Series

High Interest Primary Series

High Interest Primary – Wallchart (Single sheet A4 non-promotional)
High Interest Primary – Information Sheet (2-page A4)
High Interest Primary – Drama Workshop: 'I Didn't Do It!'  (22-page A4)
High Interest Primary – Drama Workshop: 'Pump'  (22-page A4)
High Interest Primary – Drama Workshop: 'The Crash'  (22-page A4)

High Interest Teenage Series

High Interest Teenage Information Sheet (2-page A4)
High Interest Teenage Wallchart (2 x single sheets A4 non-promotional)
High Interest Teenage – Drama Workshop: 'Avalanche'  (22-page A4)
High Interest Teenage – Drama Workshop: 'Ghost House'  (22-page A4)
High Interest Teenage – Drama Workshop: 'One Crazy Night'  (22-page A4)
High Interest Teenage – Drama Workshop: 'The Bully'  (22-page A4)

Left Hand Writing Skills

Left Hand Writing Skills – Introductory Leaflet (4-page A4)
So, you think they're left-handed? – Poster (A4)

Lifeboat Read and Spell Scheme

Lifeboat Read and Spell Scheme Introductory Leaflet (4-page A4)
Lifeboat Teaching Guide (14-page A4)
Lifeboat Sample Lesson Book 1 Lesson 7
Lifeboat Sample Lesson Book 3 Lesson 3
Lifeboat Sample Lesson Book 6 Lesson 5
Lifeboat Sample Lesson Book 8 Lesson 2

The Spotlight Series

Spotlight Series Introductory Leaflet (4-page A4)

Other Titles

The Long Secret Hunger

The Long Secret Hunger Plant Dreams Report (21-page A4)
The Long Secret Hunger Information Sheet (2-page A4)
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